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A story between two eras, between two worlds and a bond woven through a flower, "the Vanilla orchid".

Betsimis is a company that cultivates and markets

organic products from Madagascar.

Who are we ?

For several years now, in a spirit of fair trade and with an ethic of sustainable development and support for local agriculture, we have settled on the east coast of Madagascar. Over time, depending on the context and the vanilla crisis, our projects have changed.


We are currently developing our own vanilla plantations while federating a network of planters from whom we buy the produce without intermediaries to process it.


We manage the import and distribution of products in Europe. This approach allows us to ensure the traceability and quality of our products, from the cultivation phase to that of packaging.


The circuit therefore operates with a minimum of intermediary between producers and consumers, each of the parties thus benefits. We are pleased to present these quality products to you from collaborative and cooperative work combining tradition, patience, know-how and innovation.

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Our products

We import from Madagascar black vanilla pods, rubbed cinnamon, dried turmeric and pink berries. Other products are in the process of certification.

The “Betsimis Fairtrade Branch” oversees all activity in Madagascar. It brings together planters whose plots we certify and from whom we buy local products. Other purchases are made from certified cooperatives in the Fénérive region. It also manages the plantation that we have set up in Sahora and takes care of exports.

In France, we are certified by Alpes Controls

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